Want to attend Island of Light, but need a roommate to make it work with your budget? Enroll in the Island Amigos program! Tell us your room requirements and we will match you up with people with similar needs. Some of these requirements include amount of people to room, gender, and more.


After submitting your roommate request, the Island of Light Guest Services team will match you with other people in a room who are requesting similar criteria.

You will receive an email confirming whether or not you have been grouped into a room and the details of the perspective reservation.

You will be given a window of time (from date to date) to confirm you are ready to move forward with the reservation and understand the amount you are to pay.

After your confirmation, we will let you know the date your card with be processed.

*By submitting the form you are agreeing to participate in the Island Amigos Program. If you do not confirm or deny your reservation in the window you are given, your credit card will be charged. Please make sure you check your email regularly after submitting this form.