All Island of Light packages require 25% deposit down, followed by five monthly payments of 15% each. If you purchase after a payment date has passed, you will be asked to pay all previous installments at once. If you fail to make a payment, you forfeit the installment payments you have made and the package you have reserved.

Timeline of payments is listed below:

  1. Initial Payment of 25%

  2. June 16th - July 15th (15%)

  3. July 16th - August 15th (15%)

  4. August 16th - September 15th (15%)

  5. September 16th - October 15th (15%)

  6. October 16th - November 15th (15%)

Updated Payment Plan (Starting in September)

  1. September 16th - September 30th (25% Down)

  2. Oct 1st - October 15th (37.5%)

  3. October 16th - November 15th (37.5%)

If you choose the payment plan, you can use a different card with each payment. The original purchaser will be notified when it its time to make the next payment each month. After receiving your special payment link, you can use a different card each time.

How do I pay each month? You are given a month long payment window to make your payment. An email will be sent to you once a month with a link to your next payment .  If you have not received the email please review your "Promotions" or "Spam" folder as sometimes these emails end up there.  If you still can not find the email please contact Ticketfly at the following link for further assistance:

Please note: All missed payments are subject to forfeiting your package and previous payments.  Please do not wait till the last minute to secure your following payment.